Well-Being Local Ethical Simple Sustainable

Mission: BLESS is a natural skincare based in Montreal based company whose mission is to offer 100% natural and vegan skincare products made from varied and authentic ingredients.

BLESS comes from the word "bless" which means "the act of saying or doing good". Going with this principle, each letter of the word BLESS carefully represents our values ​​and the good we want to convey through our natural and vegan products to the people who use it in their daily beauty routine.

Well-Being: It is with the concern of well-being that BLESS was founded. That’s why our products are handcrafted from the finest ingredients.

Local: Buying local is very important to support businesses from our community. All the products in the BLESS range are made in Montreal. Our products are made in small batches to provide the best experience for our customers.

Ethical: We attach a great importance to nature and the environment. We are committed to never testing our products on animals.

Simple: Simplicity is at the center of the actions we take. Whether it's the number of ingredients or the packaging, BLESS keeps it light and simple.

Sustainable: BLESS was designed with the desire to offer 100% natural and vegan skincare products. Our products do not contain any chemical ingredients.

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