We have noticed that in the world of natural and organic skincare products, we mainly use well-known ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter for example. Then, we decided to focus on ingredients that were a bit lacking of love like ucuuba and babassu butter! Our goal then was to create a line of natural and vegan products that promotes the use of a variety of authentic ingredients from different countries. We therefore want to introduce you to various ingredients and their benefits that we use in the manufacture of our natural skincare products.

Prior to Bless's existence, Kemesly had no trust in the effectiveness of natural products at all. He used to buy conventional drugstore products like shampoos and body creams without really caring what ingredients were in them. Conventional body soaps dried out his skin enormously! Since there were no other alternatives in his mind, Kemesly continued to use them. As for Julie, a natural cosmetics enthusiast since her teenage years, she had already tested several natural skincare products, but she wanted to go further by wanting to create a business in her image.

But everything changed when we met. This meeting allowed us to start a new adventure in the world of natural skincare products and entrepreneurship. We then decided to create a range of natural and vegan products in our image which reflects our values ​​and our minimalist style.

Today, we are developing our knowledge more and more about the world of natural cosmetics. We also take recommendations from our customers to continuously improve ourselves in order to offer them 100% natural and vegan body care products without any addition of chemical ingredients.

Kemesly & Julie, founders of BLESS