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Our ingredients

Ucuuba butter


Origin : Brazil, Amazon rainforest

Description : In Tupi language, the dialect of the peoples of the Amazon, Ucuuba means “Butter tree”. This butter is cold pressed from the seeds of Virola Surinamensis (a large tree also called Wild Nutmeg) native to the Americas.

Benefits : Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties ideal for treating acne, eczema and dry or irritated skin. Rich and nourishing butter:composed mainly of essential fatty acid (omega 6), rich in fatty acids such as myristic acid and lauric acid.


Kokum butter

Origin: India

Description: Kokum butter comes from an Indian fruit tree called Garcinia Indica. The fruits and seeds of this tree are used for culinary, cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

Benefits: Replenishes skin cells, highly hydrating and emollient, kokum butter helps heal dry and chapped skin, especially lips, elbows, knees and soles of the feet. It can also help improve skin condition. appearance of scars and stretch marks.


Babassu butter

Origin : Brazil

Description: Babassu is a palm native to Brazil that can live up to 200 years and support around 1000 babassu nuts.

Benefits :High composition of antioxidants: antioxidants are known to effectively fight inflammation. Soothes skin irritations such as itching, eczema and skin inflammation. Emollient:maintains the hydration of the skin.


Abyssinian oil

Origin: South Africa

Description: Ethiopia was formerly known as Abyssinia. Extracted from the seeds of a plant: Crambe Abyssinica, it was cultivated in Ethiopia as a medicinal plant.

Benefits: Excellent oil for all skin types, from the oily to the driest. This oil has anti-aging properties, it fights against the appearance of wrinkles and it prevents the degeneration of skin cells. It gives the skin a very soft satin effect.